On Monday, US President Barack Obama stated that the shooting at Orlando was a case of “homegrown extremism,” as he denied the direct involvement of ISIS. According to the president, the gunman seemed like he was “inspired” by several extremist data that was distributed over the Internet.

Omar Mateen, the gunman who opened fire in a nightclub in Orlando, Florida on Sunday, was heavily influenced by extremist propaganda on the Internet, says Obama. He also said that law enforcement authorities have not discovered any evidence that connects this attacker with other radical groups, reports Washington Post.

The US president has confirmed that his government has no “definitive assessment on the motivation” of Mateen. However, he has claimed that authorities know that Mateen was a person who was acting with a lot of hate.

New York Post writes that this time, Obama finds it surprisingly easy to separate himself from an actuality he doesn’t like.

This reality is that of Islamist terror war against the United States. The publication also states that it is gradually moving towards the United States in the shape of “lone-wolf attacks.”

While rejecting the idea of ISIS’s involvement, Obama finished his comments with a shocking statement. The statement said that “we need the strength and courage to change” our point of views toward the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community. “We see no clear evidence that he was directed externally,” Obama said while making comments about the attack.

“It does appear that at the last minute, he announced allegiance to ISIL.”

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The president also said that right at this moment, there is no evidence pointing towards the notion that Mateen was “part of a larger plot.”

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Donald Trump had been waiting to criticize Obama. And now that he had one, Trump said that calls for more gun control should be rejected, while he accused Obama of being sympathetic towards radicalized Muslims.