The ex-lover of Orlando shooter Omar Mateen has revealed that he was a gay. The revelation has come following the attack on the gay nightclub Pulse last Tuesday.

In a conversation with Univision anchor Maria Elena Salinas, a man with pseudonym “Miguel” said he met Mateen in dating app Grindr for the first time. The man, according to Vox, claimed at the show that he had been in a relationship with the Orlando shooter for two months. He also revealed that the motive behind the gunman’s attack was his evil wishes for gay Latinos. The nightclub storming killed 49 people while injured several.

“He adored Latinos, gay Latinos, with brown skin – but he felt rejected,” the claimed ex-lover of Orlando shooter said. “He felt used by them. There were moments in the Pulse nightclub that made him feel really bad. Guys used him. That really affected him. I believe this crazy, horrible thing he did – that was revenge.”

Miguel said that they became “friends with benefits” after their first meeting. He also claimed that Mateen’s wife knew about his sexuality. The man also confirmed that the FBI interrogated him thrice about his relationship with Mateen. However,  CBS News said that FBI has not yet confirmed details about any such examination or interview. An official claimed to media outlet’s senior investigative producer Pat Milton that Mateen visited online dating sites frequently to find men and women partners.

Although reports have indicated Mateen’s claim of having connections with ISIS, Miguel said that he did not believe that the act resulted out of terrorism. Further revelation suggested that Mateen was revengeful as he discovered that a Puerto Rican man he was in a relationship with was HIV positive.

“He hated gay Puerto Ricans for all the stuff he did to him,” Miguel said. “I believe this crazy horrible thing he did was for revenge.”

The manner in which the whole act was performed showed that Mateen observed his targets closely for some days. On the other hand, former senior FBI profiler Mary Ellen O’Toole told CBS News that there was a less possibility of this.

“This to me suggests somebody that may have had sexual identity issues and may have actually been struggling with the idea that he himself was gay and that would add a different motive and a different perspective on the case,” O’Toole said.