Presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump renewed the calls for a ban on the Muslims entering the US following the Orlando massacre that killed 49 people. But he added that the ban can be lifted once they are properly screened.

Trump attacked his Democratic counterpart Hillary Clinton by saying that she is trying to “disarm the Americans and allow the Islamic extremists to slaughter them.” In his speech, the billionaire business tycoon not only called for a ban on Muslims entering the US but also extended it to include all countries having a history of terrorism. Trump spoke of using executive orders to impose such a system.

“The current politically correct response cripples our ability to talk and to think and act clearly,” CNN quoted him as saying at Saint Anselm College in New Hampshire. “If we don’t get tough, and if we don’t get smart, and fast, we’re not going to have our country anymore. There will be nothing, absolutely nothing, left.”

The gunman, Omar Mateen, who was born in New York to Afghan immigrants and was a resident of Florida, suddenly opened fire on the unsuspecting crowd at a popular gay nightclub called Pulse in Orlando on Sunday. The perpetrator of the deadliest massacre in American history since 9/11 was shot and killed by the police as he tried to escape the crowd.

Trump also took a jibe at President Barack Obama in his speech at New Hampshire following the attack. “We must find out what is going on,” the ABC quoted him as saying. “We need to tell the truth about how radical Islam is coming to our shores.”

He added, “The killer, whose name I will not use or ever say, was born to Afghan parents who immigrated to the United States.”

He also contended that Mateen’s father had previously supported the Taliban. “Immigration from Afghanistan into the United States has increased nearly five-fold in just one year. If we want to remain a free and open society, then we have to control our borders.”

Clinton, however, warned of blaming the Muslim-Americans for the Orlando massacre and referred to the Islamic State terrorist as “radical jihadists.”