Amid a brutal killing spree in a gay night club in Orlando, a gunman by the name of Omar Marteen has emerged as the new face of terror. His full name was Omar Mir Siddique Mateen, who was born in New York, although his parents belonged to Afghanistan and US.

As narrated by his ex-wife, Omar had serious mental issues and emotional problems. Being a US citizen, he was known to the FBI since 2013 when he was detained for possible terrorist ties, but was later released on basis of no proof.

Shortly before the attack, Marteen called the police to swear about his allegiance to the leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. On probing the matter, the police, however, did not find any indication that Marteen was in touch with the terrorists overseas, reported NBC News.

Marteen’s death in a shootout with police following the gay club massacre did not shock his former wife Sitora Yusify. From what she relayed to the police, they both got married in 2009, but got separated four month later. Ms Yusify’s family was forced to rescue their daughter from the 29-year-old attacker, who kept her ‘hostage’ during the time. They finally got divorced in 2011.

Although, he behaved normally in the beginning, his mental instability started to show up shortly after. “Then after a few months he started abusing me physically, very often, and not allowing me to speak to my family, and keeping me hostage from them,” according to Yusify said.

She also said that Omar was working to be a police officer. For some time, he worked at a juvenile delinquent centre as a correctional officer. He was trying to gain experience to become an officer, although he couldn’t qualify to become one. Of late, he was working as a security guard at a courthouse.

The Guardian notes that Omar, who killed 50 people and injured almost 53 in the gay club in Orlando, was against gay love, as admitted by his father Seddique Mateen. In an interview to the NBC News, Seddique said that his son became very angry after catching two men kissing in downtown Miami recently.

CNN points out that there was no indication he was planning to carry out an attack, although he had been arrested in the past on basis of ISIS links. Also read this to know how the Voice contestant Christina Grimmie was killed.