Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry are proving everyone that everything is great between them as the couple engaged in a love fest just days after the Pirates of the Caribbean actor was rumoured to be getting cozy with Selena Gomez.

In several photos published on Mail Online, the pop star and Miranda Kerr’s ex-husband enjoyed a romantic time out in the French Riviera. They even wore colour-coordinated outfits as the Dark Horse singer was in black, white and salmon sarong while the actor wore an orange top.

The couple of four months were on board a yacht as they toured the clear waters of the area. In one photo, the singer placed her hand on the actor’s shoulder. There was no holding back Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry either as they shared a kiss during the trip.

The outing is the first time they were seen together after reports claimed that Orlando Bloom “cheated” on Katy Perry when he got too close to Selena Gomez. TMZ published several photos of the actor and Justin Bieber’s ex seemingly getting intimate. The news site even reported that they were spotted hugging and kissing during the event.

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The pictures were reportedly taken at the Hands to Myself singer’s after-party following her show in Las Vegas. But Katy Perry was unfazed with all the rumours. On Thursday, she took to Twitter to air her side thoughts regarding the controversy, which she called a “dumb conspiracy.”

“Instead of giving energy & eyeballs to dumb conspiracy(,) check out how cool this is,” she tweeted. It then shared a link to an article by Orlando Bloom published on Time regarding the importance of education. The actor is a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF.

Selena Gomez apparently shared the same sentiment regarding the Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry controversy as she retweeted the same message.

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