Orlando Bloom has some explaining to do to Katy Perry after photos emerged of him and Selena Gomez getting too close and personal in a Las Vegas nightclub.

TMZ posted some pictures last week in which Orlando Bloom, who has been dating Katy Perry for the past few months, was seen chatting intimately with Selena Gomez.

And since the photos almost broke the Internet, it’s impossible that Katy Perry didn’t get to see the seemingly scandalous PDA pics of Bloom and Gomez. So what did he tell Katy Perry?

“Orlando is not one to stir drama and he has and continues to have an incredibly soothing effect on Katy,” a source told Hollywood Life. “He pretty much explained that nothing sexually happened between him and Selena. Period.”

To make up for it, Bloom is giving Katy Perry all of his time and attention after the PDA pics made its rounds on the Internet, with the source saying, “His actions have been speaking louder than words.”

While none of the three parties released a statement following the turn of events, Katy Perry tweeted, late Wednesday night, somewhat cryptically, a link to Peggy Lee’s “Is That All There Is? ” which, of course, worked the gossip sites into something of a frenzy.

Hollywood Life previously reported that Katy Perry doesn’t trust Gomez, saying that “She is still looking to find out exactly what happened and has a lot more questions than answers right now. Things are pretty tense and can turn on a dime, but her mindset is currently putting blame on Selena.”

Right now it seems like Katy Perry and Bloom are putting this drama behind them as E! news reports that the couple were spotted kissing on a boat and enjoyed a casual lunch with Kate Hudson.

“They are doing great,” an insider told the site. “They’ve been holding hands, kissing and laughing when with each other in public. They enjoyed some time on a yacht as well as hitting up some parties.”