Orlando Bloom nude pics greeted the Internet last Wednesday. Devoted paparazzi were there to save the day and share Orlando Bloom nude pics for the Internet to devour. The photos were released Wednesday afternoon, and Twitter exploded with #Rise tweets pertaining to Orlando Bloom’s nude photos that coincide with the pending release of Katy Perry’s aptly titled single “Rise.”

Rise: NBC Rio Olympics Official Anthem

Katy Perry revealed that she had the idea for the song for years now. Coinciding with Rio Olympics and the catastrophic events of terrorism in and outside of America, she felt that it was the opportune time for her to create the song. She also revealed she feels Rio Olympics embodies the message her song “Rise” is trying to communicate.

The Rise of Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry’s Romance

Meanwhile, in the background, Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry’s romance was brewing. The two are now in the middle of a whirlwind romance that started just this January when the pair met at the Golden Globes. They shared a vape and conjured a romantic love affair. The pair have been together since, freely sharing with the public and paparazzi alike their status.

Just this Wednesday, pictures of the two sharing a vacation in Italy surfaced on the Internet, E! reports. It would have been looked at and filed under celebrity couples on a weekend beach holiday if not for Orlando Bloom’s naked pictures on a paddle board, with Katy Perry sitting nonchalantly in front of him.

While Bloom was all smiles, his privates were at least not as excited of the carefree exhibitionist behavior Bloom sported.

Twitter’s Reaction: #Rise

Mixed reaction flooded the social media site after the couple’s pictures surfaced. Some fans quickly came into conclusion that Katy Perry’s song was really not about Olympics. It was about Orlando Bloom’s privates instead.

Some found enlightenment on Katy Perry’s Rise single after seeing Orlando in the buff.

Though to be fair, if Katy and Orlando planned this all along to promote their video, they are definitely right on track. With the hype that the Orlando Bloom nude pics has created, he should consider Michael Shank’s suggestion and join Katy Perry’s next concert tour.

Katy Perry caught the social media wave right on time and released her music video for the Rio Olympics. Whether, it was to hang on to the social media hype or release the song in time for the Olympics’ opening ceremony, we’ll never know.