Orlando Bloom naked pics are one of the top (and hottest) headlines today. The Pirates of the Caribbean  actor went full-frontal during one of his trips with Katy Perry. The girls went gaga of course. But what about Selena Gomez, who was previously linked to the actor?

Back in May, the actor and Latina singer made it to the headlines for their PDA pics. Some believed it was just another PR stunt. On the other hand, others thought a love triangle existed.

The Kill ‘Em With Kindness singer seems to have a strong interest on Orlando Bloom. Previous reports noted that the two had “intense attraction” and “explosive chemistry”. But after the issue died down, reports revealed that Orland and Selena are just really good friends.

Now, Orlando Bloom naked pics are the talk of the town these days. Girls all over the world can’t stop talking about the actor’s gorgeous body. What does the Latina singer think of the actor’s full-frontal photos?

“Selena has seen the pictures and she has a mix of emotions. At the same time she thinks they are hot, she also feels like she is looking at her brother naked. She’s seen them but is definitely not going to save them for a later viewing,” a source revealed to Hollywood Life.

Twitter users lost their minds upon seeing the actor’s naked photos on the web. It already sparked numerous memes and reactions. Orlando Bloom got naked while paddle-boarding with Katy Perry in Italy, the photos revealed. He previously wore a pair of dark swim trunks but later removed it.

Orlando Bloom isn’t the first to bare it all in the public. Male stars such as Selena Gomez’s ex Justin Bieber, Maroon 5’s Adam Levine and Hollywood actor Brad Pitt’s full-frontal photos also hit the web.

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