The Orlando Bloom naked photos made it to the headlines but he is not the first celebrity who took off his clothes, intentionally or not, for the camera.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star has been photographed naked while having a vacation with his girlfriend Katy Perry recently. One of the pictures showed Bloom naked while paddle-boarding with Perry in Italy. The photos were published by a newspaper, and social media went wild.

Bloom began his birthday celebration wearing a pair of dark swim trunks but he took it off before diving into the water. The Daily News noted that Bloom and Perry were not alone in the beach at the time as beachgoers were spotted in the area. However, it was not clear if there were other people around when he bared it all.

See the Orlando Bloom naked photos here.

The Lord of The Rings star is not the first celebrity who was photographed naked in a rather public place. Here are other celebrities whose naked photographs also made headlines.

Justin Bieber

Who can forget Bieber naked during a vacation in Bora Bora? Millions of Bieber’s fans were treated to a naked photo of him in October 2015. The Sorry singer was snapped in full frontal nudity as he lounged on the porch after he took a dip in the pristine waters of Bora Bora.

Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie’s husband is one of the first celebrities who had been pictured with no clothes at all.

Brad Pitt’s naked photo was taken by paparazzi while he was on vacation with then-girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow. A magazine got hold of the photo and published it, as per Hollywood Life.

Kim Kardashian

On the intentional nude photo selfies side, Kim Kardashian is probably at the top of the list. Through the years, she took and shared several naked photos of her on social media. Whether she is pregnant or not, she is always proud to flaunt her body and always ready to take a snap.