Orange is the New Black always brings the most emotional twists. The fourth installment of Netflix’ popular prison series ended with the shocking death of Poussey. Her accidental death left a lot of fans devastated. But can this fan favorite still return next season?

Netflix has yet to confirm anything about the hit show’s next installment. However, Poussey won’t likely come back from the dead anytime soon. The Emmy-nominated series doesn’t really deal with magic or the supernatural. Plus, Season 4 did end with much fanfare surrounding her death, after all. Her fans still have something to look forward to, though. Samira Wiley, the actress behind this popular character, will be starring in another show soon.

The actress seems to be transferring from one streaming service to another, Wiley has joined the cast of an upcoming drama from Hulu, The Handmaid’s Tale. The 10-episode series will take inspiration from a Margaret Atwood novel of the same name.

The Handmaid’s Tale imagines a dystopian version of the United States called Gilead. Gilead views girls as mere property of the state. The upcoming series will also star Mad Men actress Elisabeth Moss.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Moss will play a handmaid called Offred. Handmaids are among the few remaining fertile women on the planet. These sorry women are forced into sexual slavery as a “last desperate attempt to repopulate” what’s left of the country. Wiley, on the other hand, will play Offred’s best friend from college. Unlike Moss’ character, though, Wiley’s character will just be a handmaid-in-training.

Meanwhile, Wiley’s friends from her previous show will be returning for one more season.

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Orange is the New Black Season 5 will hit small screens next year. What does it have in store for fans and Litchfield inmates alike? Stay tuned for more updates.