“Orange Is The New Black” will definitely be back in a few months. With a new trailer, fans will be excited to know what’s in store for the characters. What will happen in Litchfield?

“It’s just like the Hamptons, only horrible,” says Nicky (Natasha Lyonne) in the new teaser promo. “Orange Is The New Black” will premiere on June 17th with returning characters and fresh faces, Hollywood Life noted.

The latest teaser gives fans a glimpse on what’s about to happen in Litchfield. However, in the final shot, Taystee is wearing business clothes and is sitting at an office desk. Is that her new role on the show? Or, will they have some kind of “role-reversal day”?

Watch the teaser here:

According to Vogue, Danielle Brooks earlier teased that Tasha Johnson’s character will be different in the upcoming season. Brooks teased that there will be new inmates on board and overpopulation will most likely cause problems.

Brooks said,

“We left off with Taystee being the mom, taking over this role that Vee was in. We’re going to see how she deals with that. This season really drops in a totally different way. The prison is becoming overpopulated. All the new inmates really add more tension, and believe me, it is tense. This season is going to be epic. It’s one of the best that they have written so far. There are some surprises that are going to tear you in half.”

Likewise, Kate Mulgrew addressed the overpopulation issue and told TV Guide,

“[The overcrowding issues] are going to carry over to every nook and cranny in our prison, believe me when I tell you that.”

Meanwhile, Laverne Cox mentioned that Season 4 will make her character “more relatable.”

“Sophia being placed in solitary confinement is such a real reality that a lot of trans people experience every day in prison, so I love that we go there and deal with this issue,” Cox told People Magazine.

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