Netflix releases the latest trailer of “Orange is the New Black” season 4. It offers hints on the fate of some of our favourite characters.

Violence at Litchfield Penitentiary will intensify, as well the fun and drama. “Do you know the difference between pain and suffering?” Pennsatucky (Taryn Manning) asks in the new trailer. “Pain is always there. But suffering is a choice,” she added.

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Vanity Fair noted season four could be the darkest season yet of “Orange is the New Black.”

Here’s what we know so far in season 4.

Tastee as Caputo’s secretary

As the new warden, Caputo (Nick Sandow) appoints Tastee (Danielle Brooks) to be his secretary. It could be a great gig for her, but Cindy seems to be persuading Tastee to take advantage of her position.

Crowded Litchfield

It has been previously teased that the prison will get crowded with the influx of new inmates.

In the trailer, Daya’s mother Aleida can be heard saying: “It’s sardine time, b******.” Now that Litchfield is a for-profit prison, Caputo squeezes about 100 new inmates into Litchfield and he is also bringing in a group of new COs, Entertainment Weekly reported.

Poussey and Soso get intimate

At the end of last season, Poussey (Samira Wiley) and Soso (Kimiko Glenn) form a bond. It seems that they will be getting even closer this new season. A part of the trailer showed the two inmates sharing an embrace.

Crazy Eyes in trouble

Another quick flash from the trailer shows Suzanne, a.k.a (Uzo Aduba) on a hospital bed. She could be involved in a physical altercation as she was seen having a bandage on her head.

No sign of Nicky

Nicky Nichols (Natasha Lyonne) was taken down to the Max before season three concluded and she has yet to be seen again. The latest trailer provides no clues as to whether or not Nicky will resurface. However, Lyonne earlier teased that her character’s impending return is simply being kept wrap.

“Orange is the New Black” season 4 will kick off on June 17. The Netflix hit series was renewed for an additional three seasons earlier this year.