“Orange is the New Black” will return with whole new episodes next month. What does Season 4 have in store for fans?

According to Collider, a teaser for the Netflix hit show has just been released. Below, we round up five things we learned from this season’s first trailer.

1. Litchfield has welcomed new inmates.

Prison this season looks crowded now more than ever before. Aleida put it best in the trailer. “It’s sardine time, [expletive!] We’re a for-profit prison now,” she said. Will these new girls be friends with the inmates fans have grown to love these past few seasons? Or will they only cause more trouble for everyone?

2. This will no longer be the Piper Chapman show.

According to Hit Fix, this season will see the show becoming “a true ensemble piece.” If the trailer is any indication, characters other than Chapman will all be further fleshed out this season. The trailer also suggests that the girls of Litchfield would be very busy this season.

3. Cigarettes are now allowed in prison.

Or at least, they appear to be. Sister Ingalls was shown smoking one right in front of the guards. Could this mean the CO’s would now be much more lenient this season? Or was she just deliberately trying to get into trouble? It could go either way at this point. How the guards reacted to the smoking nun was not shown.

4. Red will be back in the kitchen.

The trailer shows Red back to her domain, with Gloria at her side. Will the two women manage to peacefully work together this season?

5. Season 4 is right around the corner.

Mark your calendars! The upcoming season of “Orange is the New Black” will premiere on June 17 on Netflix.

Check out the full “Orange is the New Black” Season 4 trailer below.