According to many, Orange is The New Black Season 4 is the best season ever. All 13 episodes will be available on Netflix on Friday June 17.

This means a huge number of fans will spend their weekend inside the prison walls. They will be eager to watch the latest developments in the show.

Orange is The New Black is one of the most re-watched shows ever. Many fans have watched at least one season more than once. With the new season coming, 41 percent have plans to re-watch the previous three seasons in June itself, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Even though it’s difficult to restrict yourself to a routine while watching the show, a rough idea about binge-watching the show may help.

Orange is The New Black Season 4 Premiere

This is the most important episode of the season. Season 3 left some questions answered. The season premiere should answer those questions.

Alex returns to the greenhouse to find out that the guard is not dead. She kills him with toilet paper. Alex and Lolly try to bury the body. Frieda is there and knows what they’re doing.

Episodes 2-4

The next three episodes will reveal new characters. At the same time, it’ll be a chance for you to meet the old buddies once again. There are some extremely comical moments especially in episode 3.

There is tension between whites and Dominicans in the prison. We come to know Maria’s father ran a drug ring. Maria does not believe being Dominican means selling drugs. In the next episode, Piper is losing more employees in the dirty-panties business, as they believe it’s quite dangerous now. Freida wants to kill Lolly with oleander tea.

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Episodes 5-8

New relationships are around the corner. At the same time, an old romance continues to heat up the screen. Some of the characters, who went missing earlier, now come back.

There is some backstory for Maritza. She makes men believe she works for a dealership and takes them for test drives. Then, she steals the car after the test drive is done.

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Episodes 9-12

The more the show proceeds, it gets darker. There are many shocks related to favorite characters. Fans also manage to get the flashback they have been waiting for. Episode 12 gives a big shock to the viewers.

Doggett talks about Abe’s apology to Boo, who freaks out. “That’s not how this works,” Refinery29 quotes her as saying. “What if he‘s just like a regular person who made a mistake?”

Orange is The New Black Season 4 Finale

The Orange is The New Black Season 4 finale is stunning, as it provides fans all the ingredients to wait for Season 5. The final moment makes the fans eager for more.