Another major character in the comedy-drama hit series “Orange Is the New Black” has been rumored to be leaving the show – Nicky Nichols.

The rumors were sparked by the holiday greeting video of OITNB, called “Twas a Night in Litchfield,” in which actress Natasha Lyonne was noticeably absent in the line-up.

This leaves fans asking if the actress’ character, Nicky Nichols, will ever comeback in season four.  Nichols is an inmate at Litchfield Penitentiary and who has been a good friend to the series’ main character Piper Chapman, Christian Post noted.

In the Television Critics Associations summer press tour recently, Lyonne hinted that she will be coming back, Entertainment Weekly reported.

The actress was quoted saying:  “I would actually argue that there were huge stakes for Nicky Nichols this season much more than any previous season. It makes sense that a self destructive person would end up where she did.”

However, this also made many to speculate that Nichols may stay in Super Max for good.

Viewers watched Nichols sent to Maximum Security after being betrayed by guard Luschek (Matt Peters), throwing her under the bus for selling heroin. Fans watched the remainder of the previous season not knowing if she will ever get back on Low Security prison.

In another interview with TV Guide, Lyonne admitted that she doesn’t have any idea what will be Nichols’ fate in the series.

“I certainly don’t know what’s in Jenji’s mind, but I would love to move inside of Jenji’s mind because it is a vast and endless landscape of imagination. So, who knows? And I could certainly see a million different avenues to go down… I mean, I love this show so much. I love everybody that I’ve gotten to work with. And I’m a big fan of the whole situation,” she said.

The show was created by Jenji Kohan. Due to its high rating, Netflix renewed the show for one more season.

“Mad Men” director Matthew Weiner also directed an episode in the upcoming season of OITNB.

“Orange Is the New Black” season four is set to premiere in Summer 2016.