It’s going to be a “darker and cynical” season four for “Orange Is The New Black.”

OITNB creator Jenji Kohan revealed that the upcoming season of the Netflix show will be “a little darker, and a little more cynical,” The Guardian wrote.

Kohan told the publication that dark vibes reflected at the writers’ room while they were developing the storyline of “Orange Is The New Black” season four.

“We were just feeling a little hardcore,” she said.

In the recently released trailer for season four, a darker fourth season has been teased. Pennsatucky ((Taryn Manning) can be heard saying in the clip: “Do you know the difference between pain and suffering? Pain is always there, but suffering is a choice.”

Meanwhile, Piper Chapman is also set to be the new “kingpin” of Litchfield prison and her prison panty trade seems to prosper even more in the upcoming season, The Hollywood Reporter wrote.

Actress Taylor Schilling teased during a Paley Center that her character will going to play out like a “Godfather” in OITNB season 4.

“She’s becoming a little bit of a kingpin and has this swagger. But the feeling I always have about Piper Chapman is that she tries on everything like a piece of clothing — she doesn’t quite fit the jacket, but she tries it on. And I love that about her,” Schilling said.

Schilling’s co-stars Manning, Natasha Lyonne, Kate Mulgrew, Selenis Leyva, and Michael Harney joined the panel and talked about their respective roles. However, the cast remain mum about the plot of the upcoming season of Netflix’s award-winning series.

But Lyonne can’t help it but give out some hints on what to expect in season four. She teased that lots of things are going to happen in the Max.

Lyonne’s character Nicky was transferred to the Max in the early part of “Orange Is The New Black” season three.

“Major events happen like Max or something and we don’t know [what’s going to happen], but you go along for the ride because of the trust.” Lyonne said.

“Orange Is The New Black” season 4 is set to premiere on June 17 at Netflix.