“Orange Is the New Black” (OITNB) is just a few days away from its Netflix season premiere. If you want to be surprised on the day of broadcast, then stop here. But if you are curious to know about the focus of this season, then read on.

“Orange Is the New Black” Season 4 will soon debut on Netflix. While we all know that new inmates will enter Litchfield and that Red will be back in the kitchens, there are some secrets we might not know about just yet.

One of them is about the focus of the show. According to Den of Geek, this season will focus on racial, economic and cultural struggles at Litchfield. New inmates and relatively inexperienced guards will be the perfect recipe for cultural tussles. New inmates translate into new cast members.

According to the Inquisitr, Brad William Henke has joined the cast as a prison guard. However, Jolee Purdy, who joined the cast of OITNB, has not yet disclosed her role. Similarly, roles played by actors Mike Houston and Kelly Karbacz too are under the wraps.

Taylor Schilling, who plays Piper in the show, revealed that she is evolving through the show, states Pop Sugar. “Piper’s outsides are becoming less and less important. She’s kind of moving further and further away from the idea of what she thought she was,” said Schilling.

“She’s becoming more practical. She’s becoming a creature of the prison, and there’s no space for excess. Her only need is for survival, and brushing her hair doesn’t really factor into the equation,” she added.

Judy King, played by Blair Brown, was last season’s new addition. TV Guide states that her role might remind everyone of Martha Stewart. However, there will be more to her than what’s visible, states TV Guide. “I think a lot of people think, ‘Oh, she cooks, so she’s like Martha Stewart.’ ‘Oh, she Southern. She’s like Paula Deen.’ She’s actually Judy King, a creation of Jenji [Kohan] and the writers,” stated Brown.

“She’s slightly appalling and very good and very cheerful and probably fairly amoral. And it’s interesting to watch because she’s so other than anybody else in prison. And of course, Judy’s greatest ally when she comes in is Poussey Washington,” she added.

While Jenji Kohan has continuously refused to divulge anything about the new season, she hopes that it might surprise the viewers.