Netflix drama series Orange Is the New Black just wrapped up its fourth season recently. The last installment has left the audience with many cliffhanger moments, so they are now clamoring for some new updates about Orange Is the New Black Season 5. Spoiling the fans, here is the latest update, which highlights the continuing misery of Litchfield in the upcoming chapter. Who will be fated to suffer the cruelty of prison life and who will survive until the end?

  • The Bad Piper:

If we evaluate the characters of Orange Is the New Black, we might find Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling) as one of the most dominating ones. She has received mixed response from viewers.  To date, we have seen how a darker side of Piper is coming out as she spends more time as an inmate. At the series’ start, the girl who we thought to be somewhat innocent has shown her true colors with time. Today, Piper is vindictive, spoiled and sanctimonious. She could be manipulative to get what she wants.

In Orange Is the New Black Season 4, Piper has been involved with all sorts of unlawful activities just to extend her stay in federal prison. She was sentenced to 15 months in jail for transporting drug money for her then-love interest Alex Vause (Laura Prepon). Since she was sent to confinement, Piper has done all kinds of shenanigans, including lying on the stand, just to keep herself safe from a drug lord.

Orange Is the New Black Season 5 filming is on, and fans and haters alike are now wondering what is next for Piper. Would this be the season when this mischievous lady finally gets caught?

  • Lolly’s Lunacy:

Another major attraction of Orange Is the New Black will be the story of Lolly Whitehill (Lori Pretty). Relevant sources say that Lolly is coming back in the next season.  It looks like Lolly experiences mental illness in which she has auditory paranoid delusions of harassment. She believes that many government agencies like the CIA, FBI, FEMA, etc. are after her, and she follows conspiracy theories. Her character in Orange Is he New Black appears to be an interesting one. She is nice but unpredictable due to her unreasonable acts. We last saw her being dragged to psych ward after she confessed to Sam Healy about murdering a guard.  The inmate counselor at Litchfield Penitentiary thought Lorry requires help.

  • The Death Game:

Sites like Pop Sugar reveal that Orange Is the New Black Season 5 might bring in a new era at Litchfield. Whether it will be adding more misery to the current situation or bringing some hope for the inmates, only time will tell. A few reports also claim that fans may see more characters biting the dust in the next installment.  However, there will be new characters replacing them.

For more updates about Orange Is the New Black Season 5, stay tuned.