Netflix dropped the entire season 4 of “Orange is the New Black” on June 17 which is extremely depressing. Does it  weaken the chances for the show’s fifth season?  We know the question have raised many eyebrows but our speculation holds some convincing grounds. Read on to know how.

With recurring and new characters, the season 4 of “Orange is the New Black” shed light on more disturbing sides of the plot than before. Power inside the walls of a prison is an extremely tense concept. The latest season focuses on who has power and who doesn’t. There are even people who want it badly.

In reference to Vox , season 3 of “Orange is the New Black” showed the end of Litchfield’s era when a for-profit corporation took over. Along with the new set of brutal rules emerges a political atmosphere within the prison.

A noteworthy wave of new Dominican prisoners shift the power balance to the Latinas and back Maria Ruiz (Jessica Pimentel) as their leader, allowing her to become Litchfield’s first linchpin.

Meanwhile, Pennsatucky (Taryn Manning) struggles to keep her calm as the guard who raped her last season maintains his position. Sophia (Laverne Cox) suffers in solitary confinement, while celebrity chef Judy King ( Blair Brown) gets a private room to discourage any future lawsuits.

Under  warden Caputo (Nick Sandow) and his ruthless middle management Linda Ferguson (Beth Dover) the prisoners are not going to be treated as humans anymore. By the time the season 4 reaches its penultimate episode, making things worse, a guard accidentally suffocates and kills a prisoner.

Now that’s too much of upsetting incidents one leading to another. How far will a viewer be ready to follow a gloomier story in season 5 ?

But there is also a convincing side to it to keep a fan clamouring for more. Although season 4 has the darkest episodes in the series to date, but when you look back at the route of the season, it suddenly feels less gloomy.

The show doesn’t give any false images of prison life. Life confined within the four walls can never be a part of any fairy-tale story.  The miserable events justify every bit of it. New military kind of rules makes everyone feel more trapped than ever. The viewers now have a lot more to look forward to with a hope that things might get better in season 5.

Four seasons of “Orange is the New Black” are now streaming on Netflix. So watch and share your feedback.