Orange is The New Black Season 4 is the talk-of-the-town right now. The show has successfully created a link between gory reality and reel-life charm. No doubt it is  such a massive hit. Among many other narratives, the Pennsatucky story is the most relevant one.

Season 4 of Orange is The New Black introduced some horrid characters like Thomas Humphrey. However, there were also beautiful characters, like Pennsatucky, whose personalities came as a complete contrast.

In Season 3, a guard named Charlie Coates (James McMenamin) raped Tiffany “Pennsatucky” Doggett (Taryn Manning). The incident followed by one of the terrified aftermaths on the show. The act itself featured a few violent seconds before the closing credit rolled, occurring in a flare of Coates’ rage and ending with a close shot of a single tear rolling down Pennsatucky’s helpless face.

While the previous season showed the pain, frustration, the agony of Pennsatucky as a rape victim, Season 4 sheds light on her healing process.  The kind of physical and mental trauma attached to such mishaps, perhaps forgiving is the last thing any victim would go for.

In a recent episode, Pennsatucky approached Coats. She asked him flat out whether he is treating the other female van driver in the same way as he did her. The young victim quit the job to avoid the culprit, says Salon.

“You think I raped you?” Coates asks Pennsatucky.  Giving things a different direction, he explains “But I love you. I told you that. And I said it when… when… I said it.”

“But that didn’t feel any different,” she tells him, before walking away.

This is where the strength of the character of Pennsatucky.  Her decision to forgive Coates was not for him. It was solely for her own sake. For a peaceful present, making peace with a disturbing past is essential.  She clarified it to her pal Boo as well: “It ain’t about him,” she tells Boo. “I forgave him for me.”

Pennsatucky’s evolved as person who discovers the meaning of self-worth. It is is one of the brightest things on the season 4 of Orange is The New Black.