Orange is The New Black  season 4 has the most depressing chapter so far!

A major share of such dark plot lies with the new batch of guards.  Among them, the most disgusting one is Thomas Humphrey. His initial behavior showed him as a laid-back character but a later revelation of his sociopathic tendencies makes him a baddie.

Orange is The New Black has not yet handed out too much of a detail about this ghastly character’s past. So far, we only know that Humphrey was a vet before joining the administrative body. However, right now he is successful in making us gross out.

We saw him staging a gladiator fight between Suzanne Warren and her love interest Maureen Kukudio, says Popsugar.  He feels nothing about this bloody, disturbing jail clash. His impassive personality has promptly turned him into a rascal of the small screen.

What’s more? Fuelling the fire, Humphrey forces Maritza Ramos to eat a baby mouse at gunpoint. Perhaps the most disgusted moment of Orange is The New Black, until now.

Earlier, Humphrey was going off the conversation that Flaca and Maritza had in the cafeteria. It was just a joke where she (Maritza) said that she’d choose the live mouse over dead flies. Her intention was innocent and probably unaware of how baby mouse really looks like.

This is a golden opportunity for Humphrey to harass her.  The horrible fellow not only showed her the flies and the baby mouse but also made her eat what she jokingly said she would.

In an interview with Vulture, actor Diane Guerrero who plays Maritza discussed her experience of this disgusting scene.

“It definitely was a gross situation, but I’m glad we did it. It shows some of the torturous things that people go through in prison, which I think is why people were so shocked and it was so interesting to everybody,” Guerrero said.

The show has made an outstanding effort to portray the gory reality of the prison life.  Headed by Desi Piscatella, the new team of tough guards tries to control the unruly jailbirds of Litchfield.

On a negative note, though these guards are tougher, their training is not sufficient for a prison management. Their ‘by hook or by crook’ rule seems to be a failure as it led to an unintentional death of an inmate.

What do you think about the sadist Thomas Humphrey who leaves no stone unturned to rile up the prisoners?

For more updates on Orange is The New Black upcoming season, stay tuned.