Orange Is The New Black season 4 will conclude in a shocking and tragic way, and it will involve the death of one of the show’s fan-favorite characters.

OITNB star Kimiko Glenn has revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that Poussey Washington (Samira Wiley) will die in the finale of the fourth season of the hit Netflix comedy/drama show.

Poussey will be accidentally suffocated by a guard during violent dispersal of the inmates’ peaceful demonstration at the crowded Litchfield Penitentiary.

Glenn, who plays Poussey’s girlfriend Brook Soso, said she already have a hunch that something big will happen in OITNB since Poussey and Soso’s romance is doing really well.

The actress admitted that the did not expect that Samira’s character will be killed off since Poussey is one of most beloved by fans. Glenn said she thought Soso will going to get released from the Litchfield prison and something will happen like the couple will deal with the storyline that they will get separated but not through death.

“But I thought, ‘Samira is safe.’ She is adored and the most beloved character on this show. One-hundred percent, I thought she was going to be OK,” the actress said.

When asked about how will Soso cope with Poussey’ death, Glen admitted that it will going to be tough for her character. The actress said it is going to be difficult for Soso considering she will dealt with death in prison.

“You’re trapped. You have nowhere to go, you don’t have family to fall back on. She doesn’t have much of a family in the prison in general.”

As for Wiley, she earlier told THR in a separate interview that she knew for over a year that her character will be killed off in season four finale. However, she kept it to herself until the other cast members learned about it a week before they shot the episode.

Clearly, Poussey’s death is a sad news and it already garnered attention regarding the disproportionate deaths of LGBTQ and black characters on the show, compared to their straight and white counterparts.

Washington Post noted that some of the show’s fans have already expressed dismay to said inequality and protested Poussey’s death on social media with the hashtag #PousseyDeservedBetter.

“Orange Is The New Black” season four has premiered last week and currently streaming over at Netflix.