While making love, partners may go to any extent to keep the thrill of the intimate game on. From extended foreplay, spanking to trying different poses, there is no limit to their libido raising actions. However, do you know the pose of 69 can pose a threat to your health? A study claimed that oral sex can shoot up the cancer risk.

A recent scientific research has found out that oral sex fuels in the growth of the number of head cancers. As per a report by the American Cancer Society, since 1980’s, along with alcohol and cigarettes, oral, head, neck and throat cancers have increased by over 200 per cent.

“This is an epidemic that’s happening and it’s going to keep happening. We have to manage it,” mentioned Research, Dr. Iain Morgan. What was more shocking when he revealed, “I think the evidence suggests an increase in oral sex is the cause of the HPV-positive head and neck cases. HPV – Human Papilloma Virus – is ‘the name for a group of viruses that affect your skin and the moist membranes lining your body’,” reported Metro.

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The list of examples includes the cervix, anus, mouth, and throat, as per NHS. As said by the study, done by VCU Massey Cancer Center, one in five people who are affected with cancer-related to HPV will succumb to it as a result.

Dr. DiNardo further mentioned, ‘It’s important for people to remember just because they have an HPV-related tumor, it’s not indictment of their activity.’ He made some more revelations saying that around 90 percent of sexually active people will be exposed to HPV, though most will not get infected.

Ironically, those who develop cancer, early diagnosis is difficult, as the tumors can be tough to locate. “They hide in the crypts of the tonsil tissue, so it’s not easily detected,” explained Dr. DiNardo. Ideally, oral cancers might take years, at times decades to grow with someone who is infected.

Oral sex may damage your health. Are you still game for it?