The Oppo R9S release date and other details about the device have been the subject of rumors for quite some time. Recently, more details emerged pointing out a sooner launch for the device.

In a report from GSM Arena, the R9S recently appeared on a pamphlet showcasing the device’s design. However, though the leaflet offered some details, it did not reveal the crucial ones, like the release date. As per the source, the leaflet shows that a major improvement in the battery is infused with the R9S.

Namely, the leaked pamphlets list a 3,010mAh battery as opposed to the rumored 2,850mAh unit.

Still, although the leaflets appear genuine, it’s still best to take the information with a grain of salt. After all, there’s no confirmation on whether the material is official.

Oppo R9s release date, based on rumors

Leaflet aside, it’s hard to tell what the concrete and official information on the Oppo R9S are to those that are not.

Nevertheless, that does not stop the rumor mill from churning. An article from Phone Arena details other information on the upcoming device. The website notes that the R9S could sport “4GB RAM, 64 GB storage and 16-megapixel main camera”. In addition, the source also relays that the R9s also features Oppo’s Super VOOC wireless charging technology.

Aside from these details, Phone Arena also notes that the emergence of the pamphlets make an October release date appear logical. If these materials are indeed the real deal, preparing the materials now makes sense.

Phone Radar even reports a concrete date–naming October 19th as the device’s launch. The article basically reports on the same leaked pamphlet, though it lists more details. Namely, the 16-megapixel main camera will feature f/1.7 aperture. Given Oppo’s focus on improving their camera technology, this is highly likely.

If you’re longing for more details on the Oppo R9S release date and its other features, stay tuned.