The Oppo Find 9 has been rumored for months, yet information on the potential device has been scarce. Now, leaked specs of the device seem to have surfaced. Does the leak point to a potential Oppo Find 9 release date?

If you’re looking for an exact release date of this device, then prepare for disappointment. At this point, the next offering from Oppo remains vague. Nevertheless, a recent leak about the Find 9 could give clues as to when it will come out.

The leak comes from GSM Arena. According to the source, the Find 9 will sport a Gorilla Glass 5 display. The tech outlet cites China as the rumor’s origin. What makes this higher-end Gorilla Glass technology so special? GSM Arena had this to say about the rumored specification:

“To refresh, GG5 is the latest generation of display glass tech by Corning. It is claimed to withstand face-down drops of up to 1.6 meters high in up to 80% of occurrences.”

Oppo Find 9 release date

So how does this leak offer a clue to Oppo Find 9’s potential release date?

To note, Gorilla Glass 5 is a relatively new technology. At present, it appears that only the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has it. Corning officially unveiled the tech back in July–barely a month ago. In its news release, Corning revealed that the technology will be commercially available later in the year.

If “later in the year” means end of the third quarter, then Oppo could find time to infuse the Find 9 with the tech. The company could in turn roll out the heavily rumored device as early as January 2017.

Nevertheless, since no official word about the Find 9 exists, then this remains nothing but speculation. Therefore, it is best to take it with a grain of salt.

Be sure to check back with us for more updates and rumors on the Oppo Find 9 release date.