With the OnePlus 3 expected to arrive during the Q2 end, fans possessing the OnePlus 2 may have a difficult decision to make: whether to grab the upcoming model or stick with the predecessor for a bit longer? While the dilemma may continue until the D-day arrives, let’s take a look at what the OnePlus 3 is expected to offer and where its predecessor stands in comparison.

A report on GSM Arena highlights that the OnePlus 2 sports the 13MP primary and a 5MP secondary camera; while the new model is expected to boast of a 16MP rear imager and an 8MP front snapper. Even when it comes to performance, the upcoming device could be beating the OnePlus 2 by a good margin. The current model is powered by the the Snapdragon 810 chipset and it is being widely believed that the OnePlus 3 device will house the Snapdragon 820 processor.

Loyalists may have made a note of how OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei shared details about the OnePlus 3 design in a recent interview with CNET. He hopes that the upcoming model will “captivate” audiences. He also revealed that the 2016 flaghship will be sporting a “new design.” This clearly indicates that a revamped design is underway and hopefully, fans may get to see glimpses of what’s in the works, as the launch inches closer.

Pei didn’t reveal details about whether the company will once again be taking the invite-only route with the OnePlus 3, before making it open to public. But he did mention that the company intends to bring onboard a “better buying process.” Amongst other things, this involves giving customers the liberty to make purchases through credit card, rather than just through Paypal, as had been the case so far.

Fans can expect the device to arrive sometime toward the end of June. With just about two months to go, the company has lowered the prices of the OnePlus 2 handset, signifying that we will be witnessing the arrival of the new model sooner rather than later.