“One Punch Man” will return soon with all new episodes. What does the show’s second season have in store for fans? Will Saitama really face off with his most dangerous foe yet?

The International Business Times India seems to think so. According to their report, the next season will introduce Garou. And this character might just prove to be the “most challenging opponent” our hero will ever face. Last season, no opponent was ever able to block Saitama’s “furious fists.” But this might soon change with Garou.

Garou was “one of the most skilled warriors” in the original anime. His physical abilities are often described as “superhuman.” He has the skill for making war strategies. His power is even said to be similar to Saitama’s. Will he really confront Saitama in the next “One Punch Man” season? Will Saitama really have to use all his power to defeat him? When will fans see this confrontation on screen?

According to Christian Today, the next season of the popular anime series is already in production. A release date has yet to be confirmed. But fans earlier speculated that the first episode of Season 2 will premiere sometime in October. This might not be proven correct, though.

“One Punch Man” creator Yusuke Murata is known for being “dedicated to providing only the best materials for his manga.” So, it might be unlikely that they will rush the show’s second season. However, Christian Today still reports that Murata and his team of artists are already “working double time” to get things done.

Meanwhile, some speculate that Saitama will have a new nemesis next season bigger than Garou. According to Christian Today, Saitama’s Hero Association might be confronted by “another group,  led by its former S-Class, rank 1 member, Blast.” Could these rumours be proven true? Stay tuned for updates.