Fans are patiently waiting for One Punch Man Season 2 to air on televisions. While the wait may still be months from now, many of its fans are anticipating Saitama’s strength.

Anime creator Yusuke Murata confirmed that the second season is underway, as per several claims. However, the viewers must wait for the Season 1 English version to finish first.

While Murata is yet to announce the official release date, Game & Guide speculated that One Punch Man Season 2 might be out in the last quarter of 2016. Murata must have been busy with other projects, hence the delay of the announcement, as per IB Times.

However, it looks like he was able to finish all other commissions and will now focus on the upcoming chapter. Even before Season 2 has come out, fans are already wondering how strong the protagonist really is.

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According to Crunchy Roll, Saitama is “ridiculously strong” in the anime but there is still room for improvement, and we might see a more formidable Saitama in the future.

Notably, the story was first a webcomic until it became an anime series. One Punch Man became popular among anime fans around the world because of his power.

For those who are not familiar with the show, the protagonist Saitama is able to defeat enemies with just a single punch, hence the title. For that, YouTube channel Just Science created a video contemplating how strong he could possibly be.

The podcast’s narrator Kyle Hill literally computes Saitama’s power using mathematics and science. For example, he can travel to the moon as fast as 43,000 km/s.

Thus far, the video garnered more than 500k views as of writing but since anime is known for strong characters like Son Goku and Beerus of Dragon Ball series, Saitama’s strength could be endless as well.

Nonetheless, stay tuned for more interesting bits about One Punch Man Season 2 in the coming days. Meanwhile, watch the whole Just Science clip below: