“One Punch Man” Season 2 release continued to crawl into the fans’ curiosity as there was no sign if this all-time loved anime series would air this year.

Rumors mentioned that “One Punch Man” Season 2 would be released in 2017 instead of this year. Though many leaked information and spoilers were released on the web, the final launch date remained a guess.

Many of the fans continued to wait and asked their selves to how long would it take for the sequel launching. The Bit Bag reported about possible schedule of release.

Some said it would be this year specifically at the end of the year and the rest speculated “One Punch Man” to arrive in the next year since they were not convinced about its possibility of release in 2016.

If so, this question remained unanswered until the publisher would affirm it. Earlier, “One Punch Man” official Twitter account said, “‘One Punch Man’ no doubt will come to Toonami. Probably by the end of the year.”

What the fans knew so far were some leaked details about the expectations in-stored for the second season. The same source cited that Saitama, the lead character of the manga series, faced his strongest enemy Lord Boros.

Aside from him, the main character would also expect two more possible stronger villains in the sequel. These villains named Garou and Amai Mask.

Previously, it was cited that at the end of the season 1, Saitama was able to defeat Lord Boros and killed him. But, it was rumoured he might come back again in “One Punch Man” Season 2, Movie News Guide reported.

Lord Boros was known for using strong techniques like Collapsing Star and Roaring Cannon as well as his unique regenerative powers.

On the other hand, Garou for his evil character with so much hatred for his fellow heroes after being kicked out from Fang-an Dojo.

He was also known by the Hero Association as Mysterious Being and Human Monster literally because of his wish to become a monster.

With concern to the other two villains, no further details were noted if Saitama could defeat them with his strong and powerful one punch.

Saitama was already known for his dexterous fight capable of thrashing opponents with one punch. He doesn’t take his work as a hero seriously unlike others. But his ability to defeat enemies like swatting insects made sense to the title “One Punch Man.”

Because of this high demands and popularity to the audience, it would be best if this great Japanese webcomic would have a sequel soon.