One Punch Man season 2 still seems a long way, but new rumors about the anime’s follow up season may appease fans who are patiently waiting.

Among the new reports that surfaced include the progress of the production team behind the anime, its potential story line and more. We gather these details and try to round up each tidbit of information. We also try to gather other news related to One Punch Man.

Check out the details as we relay them below.

One Punch Man season 2: What’s there to know?

1. Villains

Vine Report details that there may actually be three villains when One Punch Man returns. According to the source, Saitama may fight Amai Mask, Garou, and Lord Borus. From this list, Amai Mask as a villain may raise some eyebrows since he is considered as a high-ranking hero. Considered a nuisance by many, but still not one you’d expect to be villainous. However, the source mentions that a darker personality he is hiding may surface.

2. Episode guide leak?

Although no episode guide has been leaked, Vine Report shares that the new One Punch Man season may show more than 12 episodes. The source cites the nine volumes of the story’s remainder as potential reason for the installments increase.

3. Progress

Vine Report relays that the team working on the second season is in “the first phase of production”.

4. Release date

It’s safe to assume that the first phase of production is still a long way to go before completion. Hence, contrary to rumors that One Punch Man season 2 airs in November 2016, the release date may be much later. A later 2017 release date makes more sense.

For now, these bits of information should be taken with a grain of salt. Fans should wait for the official announcement regarding details of the second season.

On another news, the English-dubbed version for One Punch Man season 1 premiered last July 16 on Adult Swim. According to Polygon, the premiere marked the first time that the series debuted with English voice acting.

Stay tuned for more news on One Punch Man season 2.