One Piece Film Gold is going to make history. Rumors making the buzz say there is going to  be a crossover between One Piece Film Gold(OPFG) and Naruto.

OPFG is the 13th movie installment of the straw hat crew. The movie is going to release in 743 theaters in Japan. The figure will beat the earlier record set by “Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F” which released only in 653 theaters in 2015.

If to be believed, there is a buzz that “Naruto” will probably be looped inside the movie OPFG. Crunchyroll reports, “Sounds like something that would tie into a “Naruto” show. I guess there were not any beef bowl chains that wanted to get into the action,” said a premium member of AniMatsuri outlet. The user could envisage this development due to the forthcoming alliance between straw hat pirates and Myojo Foods Co., Ltd. with an aim to endorse both the films as well as two flavors of charumera noodles.

Undoubtedly Naruto is very fond of noodles! The “One Piece Noodles” is available in barbecue soy sauce and pepper seafood flavors. At the same, both these flavors will have vibrant packaging with artwork of straw hat pirates wearing their costumes in the upcoming “One Piece Film Gold.”

As per the reports of Anime News Network, “Silver Mine” arc is debuting on June 26, 2016, with a storyline that is weaved around Luffy and Bartolomeo. The plot is apparently connected into One Piece’ 13th movie installment. Silver Pirate Alliance will kidnap the two character mentioned earlier. However, the duo will team up to make a great escape against their kidnappers.

Additionally, once the film opens in Japan on July 23, one can see more of “One Piece Film Gold”. Eiichiro Oda creator of “One Piece” serves as the film’s executive producer.

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