The events at “One Piece” are getting more intense as chapter 830 arrives. According to reports, Jinbei is about to reveal one of Strawhat Pirate’s secrets. This article might contain spoilers so read at your own risk.

The former Warlord appeared in 829 and is ready to unveil the crew’s scheme to Big Mom, as per Hall of Fame Mag. Based on their predictions, he will be confronted by the female Yonkou and will accuse him of leaving her crew.

But the Fishman will reportedly deny the allegations, and will reveal the Strawhat’s plan to Big Mom instead, it has been unveiled in the previous chapter that he is strictly monitoring them. He might tell her that Pekoms has a strong connection with Luffy and his crew.

This may lead to Big Mom interrogating Pekoms, but this event is just only a strong speculation. But what Pekoms know is maybe one of the most important revelation in “One Piece” chapter 830 as well, so stay tuned.

Meanwhile, the fans are still waiting for the Mugiwara crew’s newest member. Rumor has it the Ceasar Clown might be the latest addition to the gang.

Those who have watched the Punk hazard arc might cringe at the idea because he used to be the main antagonist. But according to the latest report, he has been doing good deeds in spite of his past identity as a villain.

In other “One Piece” news, some might be disappointed by the news that there will be no movie adaptation. Anime News Network debunked the report that Shanghai-based company Shanghai Minghuan Investment Co., Ltd. reportedly acquired the copyright from its creator Eiichiro Oda for 1.6 billion Yen (AU$ 204,407,62.49) for a live action.

Previously, Businesswire stated in a press release that the “Death Note” star Masataka Kubota will play Luffy. But the possibilities are endless so fans may want to wait a bit further for a movie adaptation to push through.

Stay tuned for more “One Piece” news.