The new chapter of “One Piece” marks the new arc that will now focus on the Strawhats’ struggle to fight Big Mom. According to the latest news, the crew will have a new member.

Design N Trend revealed that Caesar Clown might be the newest member to join Luffy and the gang in Chapter 829. Why not Jinbei? He has been a close ally of the crew since the Fishman Island arc.

Jinbei would remain as one of their closest ally instead of becoming an official member because, as what the website states, the Fishman pirate is “too strong” for the crew. As per the outlet, Oda has been preparing Caesar Clown to become a part of the Strawhat pirates.

Avid readers and viewers of “One Piece” might cringe at the idea, but he has been transforming from being a villain to a kind and “benevolent” character since the pirates forced him to do such things. This will be anticipated until Chapter 829 becomes available online.

To those who remember, Caeser Clown is a chemist who specializes in weapons of mass destruction, as cited on “One Piece” Wiki . He was a colleague of Vegapunk and was the main antagonist in the Punk Hazard arc.

He is a Logia Type who acquired the Gasu Gasu No Mi, which allows him to turn into a gaseous element. However, he was defeated by the Strawhat pirates, so he returned to normal.

Aside from this speculation, other things that readers should expect in “One Piece” Chapter 828 would be the Strawhats stealing the Red Poneglyph of Big Mom. Aiming to get Sanji back, Luffy might provoke Big Mom to a fight or vice versa.

Design N Trend stated that part apart from stealing, they will plant bombs on the Yonkou’s alleged ship as they travel to Fishman Island. A clash between Germa 66 and the Revolutionary army would be possible as well.

Meanwhile, “One Piece” Chapter 828 focused on Lady Pudding’s identity, but the wedding was put to a stop. However, Sportsrageous noted that Big Mom’s 35th daughter fully understood that Sanji wants to be with his crew so he helped him.

More news about “One Piece” will be available soon, so stay tuned.