“One Piece” fans should be expecting an epic battle before Sanji’s wedding to Pudding. Here are the things that could happen in the upcoming chapter 828. This article might contain spoilers so read at own risk.

According to Hall of Fame Mag, the Vinsmoke royalties might give Luffy and the Straw Hat pirates a hard time reaching Big Mom in the Whole Cake Island. The action-packed battle could last up to 3 days and they might miss their comrade’s wedding.

The website forecasted the possible events with the help of One Piece Forum wherein some of the guests believe that Luffy will get into trouble- as he always does. The Captain might encounter someone from Germa, Jinbe or from Big Mom’s crew.

The prediction became stronger since Yonji and Reiju would have their second encounter with the Straw Hats as the chapter kicks off. Meanwhile, Oro Jackson user Kikodg78 stated the high possibility because of Reiju’s traits being “sadistic and twisted.”

On the other hand, “One Piece” chapter 828 is said to focus on Sanji and Pudding’s wedding day as well. The ceremony is speculated to be festive, while huge cakes, bottomless drinks, and extravagant red carpet.

However, another Hall of Fame Mag article believes that Sanji is not ready yet even though Pudding is a charming lady. The crew agrees on marrying the pretty character and some account holders on My Anime List think the same thing as well.

As per HOF Mag, a user under the name of “Barion-Zara” exclaimed that Pudding is indeed cute, likes to cook and bake as well and is willingly open to get married to the playboy chef. Another user named “RileyReid” allegedly stated that that duo should live happily ever after and start their own restaurant business.

There might be some serious turn of events aside from the things aforementioned so wait until “One Piece” chapter 828 comes out.