One Piece Chapter 818 is put to halt, because Chapter 817 is expected before February comes to an end. While fans are expecting for the next events to be highlighted, here are some of what the fans are more likely to see.

Following the shocking Chapter 816, one of the loudest speculations is that Wano will be invaded by Kaido in Chapter 817. Reportedly, Luffy and Straw Hats will also have problems as they try to defeat Big Mom and Kaido.

In Chapter 818, it is possible that Big Mom and Luffy will have a face-off. Luffy has previously unveiled that he will fight Big Mom, which means that the combat may happen with Kaido. On the other hand, Straw Hats are trying all possible ways just to stop Sanji’s big wedding day.

Reportedly, Kaido is the “One Piece” universe’ strongest creature, as it is believed that he is way stronger compared to the series’ pirates. With Luffy’s efforts of wanting to become the world’s greatest pirate with the aid of Straw Hats, it might not take long before Luffy finally meets Kaido. Also, Luffy together with his team will also face Jerma 66, an event expected to happen before the battle against the Yonkos and Straw Hats.

One Piece Chapter 817 is slated for a release on Feb. 29, the game’s Podcast, announced. Meanwhile, One Piece Episode 730 was recently viewed online for free with an English subtitle. The free live streaming entitled, “Tears of Miracles! Mansherry’s Fight” featured Yuku’s escape from the bird cage that was made possible by FUNimation.

The latest episode, which streamed on Feb. 21, showed Doflamingo’s anger over Luffy and his fatal attacks that took down the lead character. Also, the intentions of Zoro regarding the pirates was revealed as well as his strategies that forced them inside the bird cage. All new episodes of the anime series can be seen online via the One Piece Official page.