Social media users are now posting naked selfies with only one finger covering their breasts and genitals taken in front of a mirror. This new social trend is known as one-finger selfie challenge, the riskiest challenge yet.

This selfie trend was inspired by an illustration created by Sky-FreeDom. The Japanese anime artist posted a naked female anime who used one finger to cover her body parts.

The new challenge has even its own tutorial video on YouTube. YouTuber Aimee Davidson uploaded a video to demonstrate how to achieve your one-finger selfie.

The trend was deemed as liberating. While others, including Teen Vogue, believe it opens the door for body shaming.

These selfies may be seen as an example of a person’s narcissism but a study conducted by researchers at the University of California Irvine show that regularly taking selfies actually makes a person happier.

The research team studied college students who take selfies when they felt upset. The findings are now published in the journal Psychology of Well-Being

The researchers found that financial difficulties, homesickness, loneliness, isolation and the difficulty of coursework are stressors that can lead to poor academic performance as well as depression. However, taking and sharing certain types of images can affect them positively, which include stress relief. Check Twitter here.

The study involved 41 college students, 28 of whom are girls and 13 boys. The study took four weeks and required filling out a questionnaire and undergoing an interview.

“Our research showed that practicing exercises that can promote happiness via smartphone picture taking and sharing can lead to increased positive feelings for those who engage in it,” points out the study’s lead author Yu Chen, a postdoctoral scholar in University of California Irvine’s Department of Informatics. “This is particularly useful information for returning college students to be aware of since they face many sources of pressure.”