Are the lads of One Direction getting back together? No, Zayn Malik has not expressed interest in rejoining the band that first made him famous. However, we can finally listen to a One Direction remix of his debut track “Pillowtalk.”

According to Billboard, a fan made a remix that made “all those feelings come rushing back.” The fan, Eminik Official, mixed “Pillowtalk” with One Direction’s hit “End of the Day.” The video, shared by a Twitter user, is generating a lot of “love on social media. ”

Hollywood Life called the track “the work of a genius.” Schmid was able to “make it sound like a completely different song.”

Fans have not quite forgiven Malik for leaving the band last year. They even suggested that the former One Direction star be given an Oscar “for pretending to like being in 1D for five years.”

Malik, who is trying to go by Zayn now, earlier admitted that he is no longer in contact with most of his former band mates. The now solo artist also dissed his former band in an interview with Mail Online. One Direction’s music is “generic as [expletive]…That’s not music that I would listen to. Would you listen to One Direction, sat at a party with your girl? I wouldn’t,” he said.

“Pillowtalk” previously made him the first British artist to break into the Billboard Hot 100 list at No. 1. This is a feat his former band has yet to achieve. Zayn’s first album, “Mind of Mine,” is set for release on March 25. The date also marks one year since he broke away from the band.

Zayn’s debut track was also mashed up with Justin Bieber collaboration with Jack Ü “Where Are Ü Now.”

Meanwhile, One Direction is currently on an extended hiatus.

Check out the “genius” mash-up below.