Is this the end of One Direction?

According to Hollywood Life, Louis Tomlinson “feels betrayed.” But he’s not upset over the band’s splitting up. He’s upset that none of his bandmates have visited him since his son Freddie was born.

“None of the other One Direction guys have been to visit Louis since he had this baby, which has been upsetting to Louis,” an insider told Hollywood Life. However, as the site pointed out, Tomlinson and his son are in Los Angeles, which is “pretty far away” from the UK.

To make up for their absence, the band is reportedly set to use Freddie as the muse for their next album. According to Inquisitr, “Tomlinson and Liam Payne may have started writing the next crop of One Direction music under the gaze of Louis’ son.”

Rumours of the band’s split have been persistent since Zayn Malik left. Malik, who is trying to go by Zayn now, earlier revealed that his texts and calls have been ignored by his former bandmates.

Zayn has acknowledged Freddie’s birth, reported Hollywood Life. He even gave Tomlinson’s birth announcement a heart on Twitter.

“Obviously I wish him the best of luck. His kid is cute as f*** so obviously I favorited it,” Zayn was quoted as saying.

Meanwhile, his first single off his debut album, “Pillowtalk,” made US chart history. With it, Zayn became the first British artist to debut at No. 1 in Billboard Hot 100. This is a feat One Direction has never achieved.

His first album, “Mind of Mine,” is set for release on March 25. The date also marks one year since he left the band.

Zayn and Harry Styles were meanwhile spotted at the same pre-Grammys party. They reportedly “did a lot of dodging and avoiding” at the event.

One Direction is currently in hiatus.