One Direction is officially on a hiatus to give the boys a bit of rest. However, has it become a permanent break as Harry Styles embarks on a solo career?

The idea about their split becoming permanent came after comedian Seth Meyers’ commentary on what would happen if Styles left One Direction, Unreality TV reported. Meyers attempted to explain “Brexit,” which stands for British exit from the European Union. His analogy of choice was Zayn Malik’s departure from One Direction versus Harry Styles.

“Look at it this way: When Zayn left, One Direction was okay, but if Harry leaves, that’s it, it’s over — and the UK is Harry Styles,” Meyers explained on Tuesday’s “Late Night.”

Directioners were quick to respond to his analogy. One particular user wrote at length about how Harry Styles stood out among the rest of the 1D members. While most of the comments seemed to agree with the comparison, a few issues came out. Another user wrote Payne had the “best voice after Zayn left.”

Meanwhile, another fan’s tweet could possibly sum up how some Directioners might have felt about the suggestion.

It’s been months since the 1D stars’ last performance together. However, Directioners have yet to wrap their minds over the whole idea they aren’t together, even if it’s temporary.

As a result, fans of One Direction have become vulnerable to news about any of its members, the Inquisitr remarked. The publication noted the proliferation of various reports that focus on different aspects of the 1D members’ lives. Notably lacking is any talk about their music, which is what their fans love them for the most.

Fans became upset about Styles’ recent haircut. At the same, fans began to worry that it marked his new career sans One Direction. His earlier split from 1D’s official management team also raised concerns. Hence, the publication suggested the band should end their hiatus soon to rouse their fans from what seems to be a bad dream.