Unlike other One Direction members who are busy with their musical and family lives, Niall Horan spends most of his time digging into golf. According to the latest scoop, he is going to join the Irish Open 2016 and the lad is “very nervous.”

Horan admits his feelings towards the Pro-Am event, notes Belfast Telegraph UK. “I was very nervous actually. I wasn’t when I woke up and then I looked out the window of the hotel and saw all the crowds walking past and thought it’s going to be tough out there,” the One Direction lad confessed.

The Irish lad also talked about his friendship with the host, Rory McIlroy. He revealed that he met the latter a few years back and they became mates.

“We keep in touch all the time, he’s a top man and gives me a few tips now and then – whether they work or not I don’t know,” Horan added. “But he’s a great lad and does a lot for golf.” The 1D member is also grateful that McIlroy invited him to join.

And it looks like Horan is taking the sport seriously. He was also reported to join the BMW PGA championship, as per Skysports.

“Hitting my tee shot off the first in front of so many people was probably one of the most nerve-wracking things I’ve ever done, but once that was out of the way I relaxed and we had a laugh,” he said about his experience joining the event last year.

Aside from playing golf, it appears that he enjoys living like an ordinary person. A couple of months ago, the One Direction star was on the tube while no one even noticed him.

While no one reportedly bats an eye on the celebrity, some of his fans are awed upon learning that Horan has ridden the public transportation.