Zayn Malik’s departure in One Direction last year made broke the hearts of their fans worldwide. His career as a solo artist has been promising since he’s out promoting his latest single “Pillow Talk.”

Meanwhile, the rest of the group declared their hiatus. However, there are some hearsays that Niall Horan reached out to Shawn Mendes. Will he be the one to fill Malik’s absence in One Direction?

Mendes will not be filling out Malik’s shoes in the boy group. Instead, Horan reached out to him regarding a possible solo career. It has been reported that Horan has been keeping in touch with the “Stitches” singer to pursue song writing.

“I met him in America once and he reached out to me over Twitter,” Mendes told Capital. “He just said, ‘Give me a text if you’re ever interested in writing’ – he’s a really cool guy,” the singer added.

Lately, the rest of the One Direction members have been busy with their own potential careers.

Harry Styles has been reportedly attending voice lessons in preparation for a solo career. According to NME, the young pop sensation wanted to develop his vocal skill so he could be successful should he go on his own.

“People may find it funny Harry needs singing lessons ahead of a solo career but it’s pretty standard practice,” an insider explained.

Meanwhile, Louis Tomlinson is enjoying his fatherhood with Bryana Jungwirth’s baby Sydney Rain. According to a previous report, the singer announced his happiness via social media.

“I’m pleased to say my baby son was born yesterday. He is healthy and pretty amazing. I’m very happy,” he shared.

For that, Malik congratulated his former buddy and said, “Obviously I wish him the best of luck. His kid is cute as f*ck so obviously I favourited it.