One Direction Louis Tomlinson consents to pay child support for his baby.

According to The Sun, the singer agreed to pay close to £10,000 monthly for Sydney Rain, his son with Briana Jungwirth.

Tomlinson can expect to pay over £2.1 million until 2034 when Sydney Rain turns 18. He gives an additional £5,750 for other necessities of the baby like clothes and toys.

“Louis is doing everything he can to provide for mother and baby. He’s very wealthy but is still being hugely generous in the amount he is giving,” a source revealed.

Aside from monetary support, the One Direction singer moved to the US for the baby. He wants to be a hands-on father. Tomlinson is renting a place in Los Angeles.

TMZ Reports claim his place looks nicer than Jungwirth’s house. To date, he pays for a four-bedroom house for Jungwirth. The monthly rent for Jungwirth’s place costs £4,200.

The modest home is very different from the supposed million-dollar mansion he bought for her. In addition, Jungwirth paid for the furniture in the rented house.

Friends of Jungwirth revealed the One Direction baby mama said the child is not her meal ticket. They added that she said she is not being greedy but simply welcomes the help.

Despite his efforts, Jungwirth’s family is not happy.

In particular, Jungwirth’s mother, Tammi, said the amount is not enough. An earlier report revealed Jungwirth’s family demanded more money.

The family wants Tomlinson to pay £35,000 a month. There was no comment from the 1D singer’s camp. A source only commented Jungwirth’s family is in dreamland.

Tomlinson and his baby mama dated briefly in May 2015. This followed his breakup from long-term girlfriend, Eleanor Calder. At present, the 1D singer is dating Danielle Campbell, an actress on the TV series, ‘The Originals”.