A photo of Danielle Campbell kissing another man who is not One Direction member Louis Tomlinson has been circulating on the Internet. Rumour has it that the man is identified as “Teen Wolf” star Tyler Posey.

Is she cheating on the 1D lad?

According to Unreality TV, “The Originals” actress skyrocketed to headlines after the controversial snapshot went public. Judging from the photo, some fans likely think that Campbell has been cheating on Tomlinson because of the blue dress she’s wearing while kissing Posey. After the photo was released, the hashtag #ohnodanielle became trending for hours on social media.

The cheating rumour has started to surface when Tomlinson and Briana Jungwrith’s son, Freddie Reign, was born on Jan. 21. It has been reported that he and Campbell were rarely seen together after he welcomed the baby.

Moreover, the controversial blue outfit, which Campbell was wearing, is allegedly the same clothes she had on in one of her recent shopping sprees with Tomlinson. However, the website went on to explain that the kissing event took place in the summer before she and Tomlinson had become official. It just so happened that she is wearing the same clothes.

Meanwhile, One Direction’s indefinite hiatus continues to cause a backlash on the group because of the consistent news that they are about to go on separate ways permanently, notes MTV.

Aside from Tomlinson’s new responsibility, Harry Styles is rumoured to be leaving the group because he is carving a name for himself on the music industry. He is said to be attending voice lessons to improve his singing skills. Is this a calculated plan for pursuing a solo career? Styles is yet to comment on the issue.

Liam Payne has been enjoying his new stint as a songwriter for Jennifer Lopez while we still have no official data about Niall Horan’s possible solo work.