One Direction members will be having their respective plans while on an indefinite hiatus. While three of them-Liam, Niall and Harry are happy being single, Louis Tomlinson awaits his new baby. However, reports revealed that he’s in a feud with baby mama Briana Jungwirth. The soon-to-be mommy allegedly wants more money from the pop star.

The LA Stylist’s pregnancy broke out in public after they were spotted in July. Jungwirth has been elusive to the media ever since, but her “pal” revealed that she wants Louis to give her $58,000 a month for alimony.

“Briana feels she could rake in at least $58,000 a month,” the source told Life & Style. The insider explained that Louis did not even bought a house for Jungwirth and the baby, and just rented a “cookie- cutter” home and prepaid it for 6 months.

Additionally, L&S also learned that Louis had IKEA furniture delivered to Briana’s rental home, and let the pregnant Briana “assemble it herself.” The news suggested that Tomlinson could be neglecting them.

These rumors left the fans wondering if Briana Jungwirth smells an opportunity for herself fromLouis and if he was “set up to be a meal ticket for the Jungwirth family.” Nonetheless, Inquistr believes that the 1D member may not acknowledge the baby until a paternity test is carried out.

Briana is expected to deliver the child at the end of this month. Amidst the agony of waiting, she has been thrown with malicious rumors aside from the “legal battle” she’s in. Some fans even believe that she is not pregnant at all and she only wants fame. Worse, they are claiming that Louis Tomlinson is not the father.

Which of these allegations are true? We hope that Briana Jungwirth would break her silence and address the rumors. Louis Tomlinson has yet to comment on the news as well.