Is One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson banned from seeing his own son? Tomlinson’s custody battle ensues even after he agreed to pay child support for baby Freddie.

TMZ revealed Freddie’s mother, Briana Jungwirth, offered a custody deal with Tomlinson. However, it seems the deal breaker is his girlfriend.

Sources close to Jungwirth told the website she wants to ban his girlfriend from seeing Freddie Reign.

An earlier report hinted the 1D singer’s engagement to actress Danielle Campbell.

Their possible interaction could confuse the baby. Hence, it would interfere with the “critical bonding period,” sources added.

The website added that Tomlinson wants to spend time with the baby in his LA home. However, Jungwirth only wants them to spend time in her home.

Following the birth of his son Freddie Reign, Tomlinson moved to Los Angeles to be closer to him.

TMZ earlier broke the news about the temporary settlement between Tomlinson and Jungwirth. However, due to a dispute over money, the 1D singer lost access to their kid.

The website cited Jungwirth’s insistence on a higher amount than Tomlinson was willing to pay.

At the time, their arrangement gave the 1D singer “access to the child for several hours at a time during the week, but he will not have any overnight visits,” Mail Online reported.

Sugarscape earlier reported about Jungwirth’s jealousy of Campbell. The website also revealed the 1D singer’s intention for his girlfriend to meet Freddie Reign. Sugarscape also cited claims made by Luke Poole, Jungwirth’s BFF, in an interview with Heat magazine.

“Briana wants Louis around. It was hard on her having him start dating another girl while she was pregnant – it was difficult for her,” Jungwirth’s BFF said.

Poole added, “She’s understandably jealous. Briana likes him and hopes, now the baby’s here, that Louis understands she needs to be a more important figure in his life – she’s got hope [of a relationship] in the future.”

“It wasn’t just a one-night stand and she got pregnant. They hung out loads of times…She doesn’t want to smother him, but Briana doesn’t want to raise a kid with no father figure around,” Poole said.