After Zayn Malik confirmed his new song, “Befour,” the former 1D member assured  fans of his new taste in music. After the release of hist first solo music, he admitted that he’ll soon work on a song collaboration with ex-band mate Liam Payne.

Although he’s now a solo artist, Zayn Malik told Fader that he did reconnect with his former band mate. He revealed that he has only spoken to Liam Payne after he left the boy band group.

“I spoke to him about two weeks ago,” Malik told the site.

“It was the first time I’d spoken to him since I left the band. I rung him, and he wanted to talk. He said he didn’t understand it at the time, but he now fully gets why I had to do what I did,” He added.

Malik admitted that Payne understood him well. The two also talked about a song collaboration.

“He understands that it’s my thing, that I had to do that, and that basically he wants to meet up and sit down and have a good chat in person, and he wants to do some music and work on some stuff aside from being in the band, which we always wanted to do anyway,” he told Fader.

In October, Liam Payne admitted that the group has moved on after Malik’s departure. Payne revealed in a British show that One Direction music was not Malik’s music taste or “thing.”

“Everyone’s come out fine from it, thanks to our beautiful fans. He’s off doing what he loves as well. Both parties are winners in the end of a disaster of a situation. So, it’s all good,” Payne said.

Malik announced his departure from the popular boy band group during the group’s world tour in March. It was earlier reported that he left because he wanted a private life. However, he surprised fans when he announced his solo contract with RCA records.

With a new kind of music he’s set to introduce, Zayn Malik believes that fans would understand why he needed to break away from the band.