One Direction member Liam Payne and his girlfriend Cheryl have been plagued with secret marriage controversies and latest rumor has it that they have gone to Paris for their honeymoon.

The couple arrived in Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, France on May 9, reports Just Jared. While they are still mum about being secretly married, fans can only treat the rumour with a grain of salt.

But then, Payne and Cheryl have been reported to be getting into a more serious relationship and are allegedly planning to tie the knot. According to the One Direction lad’s cousin, things are going seamlessly fine between the two.

“I don’t think their relationship is for publicity just because they’ve been seen holding hands and going to restaurants – unless they’re having fun with the media and fooling everyone, which would actually be quite funny,” Ross Harris told the Britain News Mag, via IB Times. “I suppose only time will tell. They’ll probably be married in a few weeks; it’s that kind of vibe,” the cousin added.

Meanwhile, Independent reported that they are already living together. “She and Liam have practically moved in together…They’re talking about buying a completely new place together eventually and maybe even tying the knot,” a source was quoted as saying.

Well, aside from the marriage rumours, there are others who also went on to speculate that the Girls Aloud alum find it hard  to deal with her One Direction boyfriend.  Hollywood Life even reported that Payne had allegedly communicating again with ex-girlfriend Sophia Smith.

“Sophia has been texting and calling Liam because they’re still friends,” a source was quoted saying. “Liam’s also very close to a lot of girls from his school days…and Cheryl finds it difficult.”

When will the couple announced the biggest news that the fans have been waiting for? Stay tuned and keep those fingers crossed.