One Direction Liam Payne and Cheryl are maybe one of the hottest couples today. But the latest report revealed that their love story started way back in 2010.

Hardcore 1D fanatics know that Cheryl was a judge on “X Factor” where Payne auditioned. Then, the singer became a member of the most popular boyband of today’s generation.

However, the group bid their temporary goodbye in 2015. The break gave each other the opportunity to venture into other things.

Then, the unexpected happen. Months after the hiatus, Payne happily announced that he and the Girls Aloud Alum are officially dating.

One of the boy band’s interview allegedly revealed that the love story actually began in 2010. Payne reportedly had a thing for her since then.

According to Sugar Scape, Cheryl worked with One Direction for a week when their manager, Simon Cowell got sick. As per interview, Payne admitted that they “had a bit of trouble concentrating.”

Harry Styles revealed that they are used to working with Cowell, while Louis Tomlinson exclaimed that Cheryl flirted them.

Watch the “X Factor” 2010 interview with One Direction below:

Rumors started to swirl on their relationship just like in any other couple who went public. Some of the most persistent rumors are about marriage and break up.

Payne’s cousin, Ross Harris, revealed in an interview that the couple might tie the knot very soon. According to the source, they have the marriage vibes.

His relative also thinks that the relationship is serious unless they are just fooling the media. On the other hand, the 33-year old singer added that she finally learned how to grow “thick skin” amidst all the rumors.

Well aside from the romance, various outlets brought their age gap to the headlines. The media also sensationalized her breakup with her second husband, Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini.

Mirror also quoted her, stating that she is happier than ever and she does not care what anyone thinks of her anymore. The couple appears very happy, amidst other hearsays that they are on the verge of separation.

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