One Direction “History” video has its own story to tell. In an interview with MTV, the video’s three directors revealed the truth behind it.

Ben Winston, Calvin Aurand and Gabe Turner each have their own history with One Direction.
Winston and Turner directed and produced previous videos of the band. Aurand worked as their official photographer for four years.

The video for “History,” the last track on 1D’s album “Made In The A.M.,” aired on January 26. It shows each member walking away at the end. This left fans speculating about the band breaking up.

Apparently, the directors’ cut out the original ending.

According to Winston, “originally they ran in separate directions and then they ran back together and that’s actually how it was planned.”

However, they cut the scene. Turner explained, “It just didn’t look that great.” He added, “It wasn’t supposed to be them walking off, it was just kind of like an, ‘OK, see you in a bit, guys!’”

Aurand also said, “I think ultimately it’s just an end to a video. There shouldn’t be anything applied deeper than that.”

Liam Payne earlier confirmed the band’s decision to take a break by March 2016.

However, news that the hiatus will turn into a permanent breakup came out recently in US Weekly. Fans immediately posted their reactions to the news via Twitter.

One Direction performed in Sheffield for the last leg of their “On the Road Tour” last October 31. Last December 13, they performed on “The X Factor” stage where they started five years ago.

News of the band splitting up started with the departure of Zayn Malik earlier in 2015.

1D Harry Styles recently celebrated his 22nd birthday. According to reports, he is working with a new team to launch a solo career.