One Direction is presently on hiatus. Hence, its members are preoccupied with their respective side projects. However, Harry Styles seems to have veered away from the music scene. It looks like he’s on his way to the West End.

“Harry” is headed for the theatre but not the One Direction singer. The first Harry Styles’ based play debuts on April 11 at the Theatre N16, Balham, Now magazine reported.

The publication spoke with Caitlin McEwan who’s the creator and star in the play. Now asked McEwan why she chose Harry among the other 1D members.

“Without wanting to insult the other members of the band, he is objectively the best one,” McEwan said. She also noted how the media seems to favour him as well. She told Now that he gets more press attention as compared with the other lads. McEwan also acknowledged Harry’s overwhelming fan base on social media.

However, there is more to “Harry” than just the fanaticism. On a serious note, the play also raised questions “about fame and the dangers of social media”. Metro cited excerpts from the Now interview.

“They do some extreme things, but they acknowledge that they are extreme,” McEwan noted how emphatic fans tend to be when it comes to the stars they idolize.

Yet Metro noted that McEwan also recognized how fandom can pave the way for lasting friendships. She made sure to include this into the play.

McEwan’s only hope is for Harry Styles to make a surprise cameo in the play. However, that does not seem likely as he’s been busy during his time away from One Direction. He is reportedly attending voice lessons in preparation for a music career outside the group.

Talks about his acting stint reveal possible appearances in the series “Scream Queens” and in an upcoming Hollywood film titled “Dunkirk”.

Tickets to the play are available at Ticketsource.